Prayer Ministry

"So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."
(Mark 11:24, NRSV)

Prayer concerns are placed on this list when lifted up in worship, a prayer card is received or if Mary Virginia Blackburn, Bethel UMC prayer list coordinator, is contacted.

Mary Virginia Blackburn:
Telephone: 643-4116
You may place yourself on this prayer list at any time. Before placing someone else on this prayer list, ask that person’s permission first. You will not only receive their permission, you will also let them know they will be prayed over.

When concerning a particular person, only their name will be placed on this list in order to protect peoples' privacy and to follow Federal HIPPA laws.

Prayer concerns are kept on this list for three weeks, unless they are updated by lifting them up in worship, placing a filled out prayer card in the offering plate, or contacting Mary Virginia Blackburn.

The BETHEL UMC PRAYER CHAIN may be activated by calling the prayer chain director, Mary Virginia Blackburn at 643-4116.

Current Prayer List

Current Concerns

Rick Tolbert
Nelta Jones
Tim Beitz
Angela Fogleman
Josiah Bolling
Dianna Stanley
David Simpson
Casey Johnson
Michaela Black
Stacy Walser
Family of Lyndon Combs
Mt. Zion UMC
Cote d'Voire Togo

Our Homebound

Peggy Brower

Norman Combs

Eunice Pearman

Prayer Chain

*Mary Virginia Blackburn (Director) 643-4116 or 951-9186
Rev. Alan Mears 336-643-0509 or 828-246-4099
Barbara Waite 595-1368 or 255-3863
Ginger Hallyburton 643-5376
Lynn Plaster 643-4042
Dot Wilson 643-7887
Betty Lou Hand 643-4818
Gracie Casey 420-2486
Terri Johnson 643-5887
Cindy Butler 643-8176 or 362-0404
Debbie Rierson 362-9701
Damita Penry 972-2713
Sheila Dunlap 643-8262
When any emergency or urgent need of prayer arises, please contact Mrs. Mary Blackburn to begin the prayer chain. Mrs. Blackburn will contact the next person on the list and also the Pastor. If you cannot reach Mrs. Blackburn to start the chain, contact Barbara Waite. Each person is to contact the next person on the list. (If you cannot reach the next person on the list, leave a message, and call the following person. Do not let the chain break.)
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